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I refuse to let other women’s judging eyes at the pool prevent me from exposing their eyes to the wonder the sun glittering on the water.I refuse to let my self-image influence my children’s. Your child will remember those moments and your freedom – not how you looked in your swimming suit. I am so thankful that this post has encouraged so many women to wear their swimsuit! To check out my new book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You, click here.Also a soft angled eyebrow is the most common eyebrow shape.Think – Jennifer Aniston The goal is to make a round face appear less round by making the face look longer.Just see what difference eyebrows, make to the face, makeup and hairstyle remaining constant. Let’s find the correct eyebrow shape according to face shape.This is considered to be the one best face shapes to have. Any shape suits well on the person with oval face cut but curved eyebrows look exceptional.

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It is important that we our eyebrow shape is in accordance with our face shape.I say through experience that no matter how much your skin glows or how professionally you apply your make up , the ‘something’s -wrong’ feeling stays if your eyebrows aren’t done correctly..I can safely bet at one point or the other we have faced the horror of having our brows spoilt, that too by professionals. The whole pain of waiting for it grow back again, rubbing in litres of castor oil so that they grow faster and what not. When we went to the beach in April, I weighed a few pounds more than I wanted to. I put my swimsuit on anyway and RAN INTO THE OCEAN with my kids. Spending that time IN THE WATER with my children made such a difference.I refuse to miss my children’s high-pitched, pool-induced giggles because of my insecurities.

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